Passed Hors d'Oeuvres

Choose five (5)
of the following:

  • Ahi Tuna Tartare

  • Mushroom Stuffed with Artichokes Roasted Garlic and Cream Cheese (v, gf)

  • Avo Sushi Hand Rolls (v, gf)

  • Duck Confit Spring Roll Bites

  • Pear Crisps with Goat Cheese & Smoked Pine Nuts

  • Angus Beef Tataki with Mirin Glaze

  • Classic Caprese Salad Boats (v, gf)

  • Mini Tandoori Pizzas

  • Blueberry Sausage & Soft Cheese Wrapped In Puff Pastry

  • Pear & Brie on Raisin Walnut Bread (v)

  • Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese

  • Chanterelle Mushroom Bruschetta & Sumac Mayonnaise (v)

  • Onion Bhajis & Mango Chutney (v)

  • Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta & Herbed Burrata (v)

  • Thai Meatballs Wrapped In Banana Leaves

  • Signature Devilled Eggs (gf)

  • Italian Crostini & Olive Tapenade (v)

  • Thai Shrimp With Lettuce & Coriander (gf)

  • Broccoli Tempura With Ponzu Sauce (v)

  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Lemon Garlic Aioli (gf)

  • Strawberry Basil Bruschetta & Kefir Yogurt Shot (v)

Chef Hosted Culinary Stations

Choose three (3) of the following:

O Canada

Authentic Canadian poutine made with Yukon gold fries St. Albert cheese curds, gravy, and choice of Montreal smoked meat, pulled pork, and sautéed vegetable.

Fabulous Firenze Antipasto

Antipasto including mortadella, prosciutto, salami, spicy capicola, mozzarella, long green pepper, black & green olives, roasted red peppers, parmigiano reggiano, sliced focaccia.

Pan Asian Experience

Grilled marinated Thai chicken or beef, served on a bed of Vietnamese noodles, served with freshly shredded vegetables, sprouts, coriander, chilis & wedged lime, drizzled with nuoc cham sauce.


East Coast Kitchen Party

Half-shell oysters, poached shrimp, and Atlantic salmon smoked in-house, served with assorted garnishes and sauces. Plus, flame-seared scallops with a lemon-sumac drizzle.

Mariachi Bar
Mexican chicken & beef tortillas with traditional garnishes & habanero sauce.


Taiwanese Steam Buns

Piping hot gua bao steam buns with choice of BBQ pork belly, chicken, or pulled jackfruit, topped with veggies and traditional sauces.


Champs-Élysées Crêpes
Sweet & savoury crêpes with assorted variety of sweet & savoury fillings and sauces.


Caribbean Cookout
Caribbean jerk chicken, rice and peas, grilled pineapple with a maple glaze.


Mount Fuji Live Sushi Bar

A wide selection of traditional Japanese sushi, including California rolls, tuna, smoked eel, crab & shrimp, served with traditional pickled ginger, wasabi & gluten-free soy sauce.


Nona’s Porchetta
Authentic Italian smoke cured porchetta abruzzese, served on a panino with classic jus.


Japanese Street Ramen

Using a wild mushroom infused Shio broth, kansui ramen noodles,
and topped with five-spice cha sui crispy pork, sprouts, greens & aromatics.


Angus’ Butcher Block

Roasted dry-aged angus beef tenderloin, served with broiled gruyere mashed potatoe rosettes, sautéed asparagus & cognac jus.


Pasta Mio

Create your own perfect pasta with a choice of penne rigate, pappardelle or cheese ravioli. Toss with either marinara, smoked alfredo or bolognese sauce, and add your choice of chicken, shrimp or Italian sausage, garnished with chilli flakes, cracked pepper, and parmesan. Includes a side salad.


Spanish Valencian Paella

A selection of beef, chicken, shrimp or chorizo sausage served over an aromatic, pine-smoked bed of Spanish saffron rice with ajillo butter.


Death By Chocolate

A selection of assorted fruits, pretzels, churros, waffles, biscottis, & marshmallows, served with decadent warm caramel, white & milk chocolate dips, and a tier of specialty chocolates.


Pizza Party

Choose three of our chefs’ fabulous gourmet pizza creations, served with your choice of classic dips, and a fresh side salad.


Buddha Bowls

Create your own vegetarian Buddha bowl customized with seasonal vegetables, herbs, beans, and nuts, served with a savoury dressing on a bed of warm basmati rice.
A little bit of vegetarian heaven!



Choose one (1) of
the following:

  • Classic vanilla bourbon creme brûlée. (gf)

  • Whipped chocolate ganache served on orange genoise with a salted caramel drizzle.

  • Vanilla bean ice cream with a shot of fine espresso, served with bittersweet Hummingbird chocolate. (v, gf)

  • Salted caramel & toasted pecan cheesecake. Mediterranean fruit salad with honey-orange blossom water. (v, gf)

  • Vegan mango sorbet garnished with peri peri roasted pineapple & a maple toasted coconut cookie. (v, gf)

  • Lemon tartlets with meringue.