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Where Every Season is Wedding Season

We are delighted that you are planning on celebrating your wedding day here at Aquatopia. As an all-inclusive venue, you can leave the styling & stressing to our professional wedding team. They will manage every detail of your gorgeous day, and provide you with a relaxing and romantic experience, so you can be free to delight and dazzle your guests with grace & style, surrounded by the natural beauty of our lush, green tropical paradise. Moreover, the glass ceiling of our facility opens to the outdoor fresh air and breeze, giving you the outdoor wedding you always dreamed about, without the risk of rain ruining your day.


Enjoy Our Indoor Tropical Oasis

Come enjoy the most unique tropical garden centre experience in Ontario. Feel the effect of breathing oxygen-rich air in this sanctum of peace surrounded by a lush, vibrant tropical ecosystem. Relax and unwind alongside our stunning koi pond, shop for exotic plants in our glorious greenhouse, savour the sweet floral fragrances, and welcome the tropical warmth into your heart all year round.

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An Ottawa Event Venue Like No Other

Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory is without a doubt the most fabulous event venue in Ottawa. Imagine entertaining your guests at a tropical resort for the evening, with tumbling waterfalls, greenery and gorgeous blooms all around you. Enjoy cocktails & delectable hors d'oeuvres beside a stunning koi-filled pond, dine with elegance in our glorious greenhouse, and take a spin across our dance floor under the star-filled night sky, all while surrounded by a warm, glass-enclosed splendour.


Private Dining in Paradise

Aquatopia private parties is a dining experience unlike any other in Canada. Now you can host your very own private gourmet dinner event under the stars! Gather with a group of friends or family for a small private event, all while surrounded a sun-bathed, glass-enclosed tropical paradise. Relax, delight and entertain your guests while we serve and indulge you with grace and style.​


Exotic Tropical Plants & Interiorscapes

Tropical & aquatic plants are our passion! Aquatopia Conservatory stocks a stunning selection of exotic tropicals and water plants, allowing our design team to create a lush, meridional feel to any interiorscape or patio space. And with the proper balance of furnishings, artwork, planters, living walls, lighting and water features, Aquatopia can transform any office, residence or public space into a veritable tropical oasis. 


Natural Pools, Spas, & Water Gardens

Soothe your spirit through the soft sounds of a water garden; connect with nature in your garden with a wildlife-friendly ecosystem pond; enjoy the cottage lifestyle everyday with a fun, backyard swimming pond; or find your escape from the daily chaos in a hot spring style natural spa. If an aquatic lifestyle is what you seek, our design, installation & service team can help you create your own personal Aquatopia.