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Some people derive great joy from maintaining their water gardens. While others, not so much. The beautiful part about adhering to the ecosystem philosophy is the fact that Aquascape water features require very little maintenance at all. However, sooner or later you will need to do a little water garden housekeeping. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire us, this section will guide you through the basics and give you the information you will need to keep your water feature looking fantastic and running smoothly all year long.

Aquatopia is well known for designing, installing and maintaining some of the most beautiful natural pools, spas & water gardens in Canada. The products and methods we use are leading edge and we are constantly bringing innovative new ideas to enhance the water gardening hobby for our customers. In addition to our signature ponds streams and waterfalls, we provide a whole host of other related services including:


Design consulting and project planning.


Existing water garden renovations and upgrades.


Rain gardens and environmentally friendly storm water management.


Decorative FountainScape installations.


Lotus Natural Spa installations & service.


Ornamental fish health and disease diagnostic assistance.


Recreational swimming pond construction and maintenance.


Lake & wetland aeration and water quality solutions.

Service Plans

Rates & terms

Regular Service Base Charge (Applies to all service calls) $115.00 flat charge
Regular Service Rate (Half hour minimum - billed in 6-minute increments) $115.00 per hour
All Parts & Products MSRP and list prices apply
Travel Charge & Carbon Surcharge (Outside Ottawa city limits) $1.20 per km

All service calls and packages will be billed according to the aforementioned rates, and are subject to the terms and conditions indicated below. Final service costs vary and are determined by the size of your water garden and individual attention required. For estimate details, please call our service department at 613-225-7663 or email

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