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Biophilia is the idea that humans possess an innate inclination and tendency to seek deep emotional connections with nature. The most powerful example of this is our attraction to oceans, lakes, rivers & streams. Entire civilizations have been formed around water, as we cannot live without it. Water is the very essence of life.


For over 20 years, Aquatopia has honoured this propensity by connecting our clients to water the way nature intended. We are of the opinion that every natural swimming pond, spa, or water garden we create should look like it was carved into your landscape by Mother Nature herself. And since our water features are all designed to be low-maintenance and naturally balanced, you get to spend more time sitting back and letting the burdens of today’s busy world slip from your shoulders while you relax and de-stress in a personal aquatic paradise!

Our Mission

Aquatopia exists to create spaces with a positive sense of place, that allow people to better connect with the natural world, and one another.


It’s time to create your own backyard oasis. Soothe your spirit through the soft sounds of a water feature; connect with nature in your garden with a wildlife-friendly ecosystem pond; enjoy the cottage lifestyle every day with a fun, backyard swimming pond; or find your escape from the daily chaos in a hot spring style natural spa. If an urban aquatic lifestyle is what you seek, our design, installation & service team can help you create your own personal Aquatopia.


Aquatopia is well known for maintaining some of the most beautiful natural pools, spas & water gardens in Canada. Our team of experts have decades worth of experience to keep your pond clean, healthy, and looking gorgeous all season long.


We are the largest aquatic landscape company in Eastern Ontario, with over 20 years’ experience building natural swimming ponds, spas, and water gardens.


We can provide the expertise and technical consulting to deliver a complete design/build solution, job costing, and the creative resources to make your dream water feature a reality.

Eco System Ponds

Imagine stepping outside your home into your very own backyard oasis. Feel the cares of the world slip away as you sit back and relax next to your EcoSystem Pond with a cool drink, enjoying the soothing sights and sounds of running water.

Natural Swimming Ponds

These large recreational water features transform outdoor living spaces into spa-like mini resorts that can be enjoyed without ever having to leave home, delighting your senses every season of the year and allowing you to relax & unwind in your own aquatic paradise.

Natural Mineral Spas

Imagine walking to the edge of your backyard patio or deck, then stepping down a natural granite staircase to immerse yourself in hot, clean, pure bubbling water. You then feel the weight of the world lift as you sit back, surrounding by a shoreline of natural boulders and exotic plants, listening to the gentle flow of a waterfall revitalizing your soul.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls are, without a doubt, the most sought-after landscape water features we build. They are extremely low-maintenance, energy efficient, and attract a multitude of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, creating a positive sense of place in any home or business.

Water Features & Fountains

Aquatopia Fountains & Water Features provide homeowners and businesses with a unique, affordable, and creative way to decorate any outdoor living space. Many homeowners long for the soothing sounds of running water in their landscape, while they relax and enjoy watching the birds and butterflies that visit their water feature for refreshment.

Recreational Lakes

For thousands of years, humans have been drawn to water, and entire civilizations have been built near waterfront with the most valuable land being located along shorelines. Aquatopia is able to create beautiful medium to large-scale lakes, stormwater catchment areas, and ponds so clean, they meet all the regulatory requirements for recreational use.

Our Specialities

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