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Natural Pools, Spas, & Water Gardens

Soothe your spirit through the soft sounds of a water garden; connect with nature in your garden with a wildlife-friendly ecosystem pond; enjoy the cottage lifestyle everyday with a fun, backyard swimming pond; or find your escape from the daily chaos in a hot spring style natural spa. If an aquatic lifestyle is what you seek, our design, installation & service team can help you create your own personal Aquatopia.

Aquatopia is proud to work with a number of partners that are leaders in this industry. Aquascape is the leader in water gardens, water gardening, ecosystem ponds and backyard pond designs. Create your water garden with Aquascape products. Aquascape started from a 12-year old boy’s hobby and developed into an award-winning, multi-million dollar company. From their quality water gardening products to a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, Aquascape plays an integral role in the world to enhance the environment and beautify landscapes across North America.

Pro Installations

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