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The Benefits of
Biophilic Design

"Biophilia is our instinctive human love of nature, and it is behind a growing design movement in workplaces that is making employees healthier and more productive"

Plants in the Workplace

Large companies like Etsy, Airbnb, Microsoft, and Amazon are going beyond the occasional desk plant and are bringing green office design to a new standard. 

Promote Employee Wellbeing

37% Less Anxiety

Lowered tension and anxiety levels among employees

44% Less Anger

Reduced feelings of anger among employees

38% Less Fatigue

Reduced fatigue among employees

+15% Creativity

Employees whose offices included natural elements scored 15% higher for creativity

+15% Productivity

Employees who work in environments with biophilic design elements were 15% more productive

office workers surrounded by plants

Attract and Retain Employees

Employees are now taking the quality of their current and potential work environments into consideration. For many, a large portion of their day is spent working onsite. Having a space with biophilic elements provides a competitive advantage for employers. 

group of friends surrounded by plants

Health Benefits

Plants actively reduce dust and bacteria in the workplace.

One plant for every 3 employees reduces CO2 levels by 20%

Incorporating Biophilia

It doesn't all have to be green. Plants come in a wide variety of colours and textures, and that's before even considering flowers. Plus, there are other ways of adding nature into the workplace.


Add Greenery, Potted Plants, Living Walls, or Flower Gardens


Design Outdoor Plant Spaces, Such as Staff Gardens



Natural Lighting

All material is sourced from Green Plants for Green Buildings (

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