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Recreational Lakes

If you are a designer or specifier, and you want to design a landscape that stands out from the rest, water is a key element to make this happen. For thousands of years, humans have been drawn to water, and entire civilizations have been built near waterfront with the most valuable land being located along shorelines.

Using proven technologies designed to emulate natural ecosystems such as skimming filtration, deep water aeration, constructed wetland filters, and developing biodiverse bacterial and diatom colonies, Aquatopia is able to create beautiful medium to large-scale lakes, stormwater catchment areas, and ponds so clean, they meet all the regulatory requirements for recreational use.

Our team of water feature specialists can provide all the tools you need to incorporate water features into your next landscape project. We offer project planning & consulting, technical specification services, design/build contracting, installation, maintenance, and support services.

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