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Tropical & aquatic plants are our passion

Aquatopia Conservatory stocks a stunning selection of exotic tropicals and water plants, allowing our design team to create a lush, meridional feel to any interiorscape or patio space. And with the proper balance of furnishings, artwork, planters, living walls, lighting and water features, Aquatopia can transform any office, residence or public space into a veritable tropical oasis. 

Our Mission

Aquatopia exists to design spaces that create a positive sense of place that allow people to connect with the natural environment, themselves, and one another. 


Understand how ongoing expert plant care and advice determines the success of any biophilic installation.


Discover why a professional contractor with an intuition for the social kinetics of a design is critical to managing intended outcomes of any indoor planting project. 


Explore how our team can create and integrate biophilic designs into your indoor space. 

Benefits of

Biophilic Design

Learn about the real benefits of including nature in the workplace environment such as increased productivity, sense of well-being, & reduced absenteeism.



Gain the knowledge you need to confidently naturalize your next project and benefit from incorporating plants into your built environment.

Financial Benefits

of Plants

Use this tool to calculate the empirical economic benefits of adding plants, living walls, and other biophilic elements to your workplace.

Office Plants

Discover how enriching a previously empty space with plants increases workplace productivity and positive health outcomes. 

Living Walls

Create a powerful sense of immersion in nature by integrating beautiful living walls on seldom used vertical spaces.

Moss Walls

Incorporating plants & greenery is now possible even in low-light areas such as boardrooms, windowless spaces, and washrooms. 

Patios & Terraces

Explore how we can create a trendy tropical vibe on patios and terraces, in restaurants & hotels, on rooftops & balconies, and in courtyards & poolside lounge areas. 

Atriums & Conservatories

Learn how our team of professionals can guide you through the complexities of large-scale projects with the right balance of design/build expertise and experience. 

Residential Spaces

Experience the benefits of cleaner air, better sleep, reduced stress, and beating the winter blahs by welcoming plants & greenery into your home.

Our Specialities

Interiorscape with a pond inside of Aquatopia

Obtain the knowledge you need to incorporate plants & biophilia into your next project

The Benefits

Boosts mood, productivity, well-being, and creativity

Improves air


Creates a pleasing


Promotes better quality of sleep

Stimulates a therapeutic connection

Featured Projects

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