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In North America, commercially grown houseplants began shortly after the Second World War. They grew in popularity year after year until the late 1970s when demand diminished until the early 2000s. Houseplants began experiencing a home design & décor renaissance when architectural & medical researchers began discovering the many benefits of incorporating plants into residential spaces such as cleaner air, better sleep, reduced stress, and beating the winter blahs by welcoming plants & greenery into your home.


There is no better home interior design element than plants. They work well with any colour palette, and they never go out of fashion. The best designers understand that nothing adds more beauty and comfort to our homes than the lush flowers and foliage of indoor plants. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, and poolside patios... There really isn't a space a houseplant can't enliven. Just add light and water, and you've got a growing indoor oasis. Bringing plants into your home is aesthetically pleasing and - amazingly - plants can offer strong health benefits as well!


Multiple studies have proven that indoor plants keep you healthier and happier, offering both psychological and physical health benefits:

Breathe Easy

Houseplants remove many toxins from the air. Some plants can remove up to 87% of harmful chemicals from the air every 24 hours. 

Sleep Better

Plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, keeping them in your bedroom can help improve your nights sleep.


Plants have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase feelings of calmness and wellbeing.


Elevated oxygen levels and cleaner air also help to improve concentration, attention, memory, and creativity.


Plants release almost 97% of the water they receive back into the air. This helps to alleviate dry skin, itchy eyes, and sore throats.

Be Happy

Some studies indicate that plants with flowers act as emotion inducers, boosting feelings of happiness and positivity. 

 “Taking care of plants brings overall health and joy to your life, and it’s something you can nurture on your terms.  The secret to peace & happiness is to focus outside yourself towards another living thing. By caring for plants, you make the world a better place, which is the true meaning of life.”


~ Nicholas Bott, Aquatopia Co-Founder

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