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STOK Report: Evolution of the Workplace

This paper provides clarity around what investments should be made in the existing physical workplace, and perhaps more importantly: in this changing paradigm of work, which investments will drive the largest positive impact on employee productivity, retention, and well-being. 

Greenspace as Workplace: Benefits, Challenges and Essentialities in the Physical Environment

There is a scarcity of knowledge regarding the potential benefits of human–nature contact within the context of working life. Even more limited is the research that focuses on working outdoors and the setting in which it takes place. This study aimed to obtain insight into key aspects of the physical environment relevant for the experienced benefits and challenges of workers exploring office work outdoors.

Human-Centred Health-Care Environments

Increasing research corroborates that the qualities of the setting in which a patient receives healthcare positively influence health outcomes. This quest for the optimal healing environment brings to the forefront the need to include other parameters in our design briefs, where the application of biophilic design proves to be paramount, as exposure to nature is associated with multiple health benefits.

The Role of Biophilic Design in Hotel Architecture

Biophilia is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature, that even in the modern world, continues to be critical to people’s physical and mental health, and well-being. The Hospitality Industry is a sector that can get the maximum benefit from this affiliation. Guests’ opinions and feedback are highly valid, as they are the real users of hotel spaces. The primary aim of the research is to correlate the user experience to the role of biophilic designs in hotel spaces.

Denver’s One River North is Leading the Way For Biophilic Design

It’s called One River North, and it’s not your average biophilic designed building. Designed by Beijing-based team MAD Architects, this 16-storey building features 187 residential units and over 13,000 square feet of open-air environments. The renderings show the building draped with a ton of green plants, a glowing creek and a long walkway.

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