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Natural Swimming Ponds

Biophilia is the idea that all humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with other forms of life, and to commune with nature. And nothing supports this hypothesis better than installing a Natural Swimming Pond in your backyard.


These large recreational water features transform outdoor living spaces into spa-like mini resorts that can be enjoyed without ever having to leave home. Many homeowners are now foregoing cottage ownership in favour of a Natural Swimming Pond, since they afford the same waterfront lifestyle, but every day of the summer, at a fraction of the cost, and without the weekend commute.


Each Natural Swimming Pond is a custom work of art that can be designed into nearly any landscape. Some of our designs have the goal of making the pond appear like a natural body of water that existed before your home was even built, while others are more formal while using only natural finishing materials like stone, wood, river pebbles, and beach sand. Natural Swimming Ponds are surprisingly affordable with most projects costing about the same as a traditional pool & landscape installation.

Natural Swimming Ponds emulate the biological processes that occur in nature to produce water that is clear, healthy, and exceeds bathers’ expectations. Water is purified naturally by drawing water and floating debris off the surface of the pond into an intake bay, much like a skimmer in a traditional pool. Energy efficient pumps then push the water up through a Constructed Wetland Filter creating a balanced ecosystem where all plants, microorganisms, and nutrients are interrelated to create true “living water.” Purified water then flows out of the wetland filter, and through a stream and series of waterfalls back into the pond to help oxygenate the water column.


In the Constructed Wetland Filter, beneficial bacterial trap and break down suspended solids and convert the organic matter into nutrients, which are absorbed by ornamental aquatic plants preventing unwanted algae growth. Natural Swimming Ponds function optimally when this biological process, called the nitrification cycle, is in balance. It is the backbone of the pond ecosystem, naturally becoming more stable with time.


Traditional, chemically treated swimming pools are quickly being replaced with water features the way nature intended it to be. Unlike traditional pools, Natural Swimming Ponds require no weekly vacuuming, no shock treatments, no chlorine dosing, no pH & alkalinity balancing, no calcium increasers, no cyanuric acid, and no frequent water testing. Other than a regular spring clean out and fall shut down, maintenance of a Natural Swimming Pond requires nothing more than 10 minutes of your time each week to empty the skimmer and adding beneficial bacteria. The rest of the time, Mother Nature keeps it clean for you.

Natural Swimming Ponds provide recreational water that feels silky smooth, smells sweet, and is refreshingly clean. They are vital habitat for wildlife in urban areas, attracting butterflies, birds, and even dragonflies which help control mosquito populations, providing a healthier, sustainable environment for human interaction.


If you’re considering installing a pool in your backyard, which is really nothing more than a chlorinated tank, Aquatopia encourages you to consider installing a Natural Swimming Pond instead. Our team will turn your backyard into a resort-like oasis that will add real value to your home life by delighting your senses every season of the year and allowing you to relax & unwind in your own aquatic paradise. Come join the Aquatopia lifestyle.

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