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A celebration of life is an event that focuses primarily on the life a loved one, and the legacy that they leave behind. The focus is on happy memories of the deceased rather than on the sad fact that they’re no longer with us.


While there are often tears, these events tend to be creative, and focus on joy and laughter. Truly celebrating a life well lived allows people to transition through their grief and move into a place of healing and peace.


A celebration of life can be a graceful warm gathering for tea & conversation, an evening cocktail-style party with friends, or an intimate family dinner with great food and love.


The element of ceremony and memorial are sometimes part of the experience, but seldom include a full funeral. The one constant is that a celebration of life is always an expression of how much the world is such a better place because of a life well-lived.

Grace Celebration

A lovely, stylish event to honour your loved one in the warm sunshine and greenery of our conservatory, in the classical style of the bygone era of English garden parties. The food is light and whimsical, highlighting the sweet and savoury delights of traditional Bedford tea service.

 $78 per guest 

(50 guest minimum) 

fairy lights in the greenhouse for dinner reception

The Grace Celebration includes the following menu selections:

  • A Selection of Classic Tea Sandwiches:

    Classic Watercress & Egg Salad (v)

    English Cucumber & Creme Cheese (v)

    Tomato, Basil & Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese Sliders (v)

    Curried Chicken Salad on Harvest Bread

    Croque Monsieur Ham & Gruyere on Sourdough Triangles

    BLTea Rondelles

    Sun-Dried Tomato & Hummus Pinwheels (v)

  • A Selection of Four (4) Savory Delights:

    Chicken Salad & Arugula with Spiced Figs & Buffalo Mozzarella

    Cubed Watermelon & Feta Salad Cups (v)

    Springhill Cricket Club Spicy Lamp Lollipops

    Mini Maple-Bacon & Gruyere Quiches

    Pear, Brie & Roasted Walnuts on Pumpkin Seed Bread & Honey-Mustard Glaze

    Demi-Ciabatta Pesto Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese (v)

    Hot & Cold Smoked Salmon Campagne & Mixed Greens with Grainy Mustard Drizzle

  • Light & Buttery Madeleine Cookies with Citrus Zest

    Lavender Shortbread Cookies

    Ginger & Wild Berry Scones with Devonshire Cream & Homemade Jams

    Tropical Bajan Rum Fruit Salad

Soirée Celebration

A cocktail style celebration filled with love and laughter where family & friends even laud & toast the deceased and the positive legacy left in their slipstream. Typically an evening affair, a Soirée Celebration of Life features fine food & drinks, music, and venerating presentations. Sadness is acknowledged but wrapped in a spirit of joy and appreciation.

Hors D'oeuvres Style

$96 per guest

(50 guest minimum)

candles and roses

Plated Tapas Style

$149 per guest

(50 guest minimum)

  • Selection of five (5):

    Kale and Blue Cheese Dry Aged Mini Beef Wellington / Shiitake Broth

    Curried Chickpea Lamb Wonton / Blood Orange Honey

    Hoisin Braised Short Rib Mini Stuffed Yorkies / Fresh Horseradish

    Local Jalapeño Cheese Curd Sausage + Blackened Prawn / Giardiniera Relish (gf)

    Jalapeno Fire Bites + Hickory Smoked Cheese Curds / Sweet Maple Bacon (gf)

    Golden Potato Latke / Candied House Smoked Habanero Salmon Gravlax / Lime Crema / Caviar / Fresh Dill

    Tuna Crudo / Mango + Ginger + Chilies / Soy Sesame Citrus Dressing / Endive (gf)

    Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta / Herbed Burrata / Balsamic Glaze / Focaccia Crostini (v)

    Tofu Ceviche / Grapefruit + Jalapeno + Melon / Fresh Cilantro / Mini Radicchio (gf,ve)

    Thyme Herbed Gruyere Stuffed Mushroom / White Balsamic / Fresh Mint (gf,v)

    Babaganoush / Mini Naan / Smoked Olive / Pomegranate Syrup / Herbs (v)

    Asparagus Fig Jam Stuffed Pretzel Bites / Spicy Honey Mustard Glaze (ve)

    Caprese Salad Skewers / Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Sea Salt / Basil (gf,v) Tofu Kimchi Vegetable Dumpling / Soy Garlic Glaze (v,ve)

    Mini Spinach Feta Clusters Wrapped in Golden Crispy Phyllo Pastry / Mint Garlic Yogurt (v)

  • Choice of Six (6) Tapas:

    Roasted Cauliflower Clusters / Tahini / Toasted Pistachio / Balsamic Glaze (v,ve,gf)

    Grilled Sesame Bok Choy / Ginger Chilli Oil (v,ve,gf)

    Herbed Tofu Stuffed Baby Pepper / Arrabiata / Capers (v,ve,gf)

    Mushroom Toast / Fresh Herbs (v)

    Caramelized Halloumi Cheese Taco / Fennel Slaw / Mango Chutney (v)

    Tortilla De Papas / Charred Brussel Sprouts / Gruyere / Dijon Aioli (v)

    Buttery Pretzel Bites / Kosher Salt / Grainy Mustard Dip (v)

    Birria Short Rib Bao Bun / Pickle Slice / Lime Crema

    Flank Steak / Black Bean Garlic Sauce / Shishito Pepper / Soy Honey Glaze

    Meatballs / Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce / Basil / Parmesan (gf)

    Local Chorizo Sausage / Sweet Red Apples / Honey (gf)

    Smoked Jalapeño Cheese Curd Sausage / 2-Bite Potato Roll / Spicy Jam

    Mini Lobster Roll / Caviar / Everything Bagel Seasoning / Pickled Onion

    Tempura Scallop Pop / Sweet Soy Sauce / Scallions

    Chicken Souvlaki Skewer / Yogurt Dressing (gf)

Family Repast Celebration

A more intimate dinner style gathering where close family & friends share a scrumptious meal together away from the public eye of a funeral & reception. It creates a space where loved ones can unwind and focus on each other rather than the sometimes hundreds of guests who have come out to honour the deceased. Family members no longer need to play host, because it is at this moment in dealing with your loss that our events production and culinary team assume this role allowing you to focus on sharing the moment with one another.

Clients will be invited to meet with our executive chef to design and price a personalized menu to suit your family’s preferences.

wedding guests during cocktail hour

Bar & Beverage Services

Customizable Host Bar

$995 for Up to Four (4) Hours

$1995 for Up to Six (6) Hours

NOTE: Cost of alcohol & specialty non-alcoholic beverages are not included in this service, and will be invoiced separately at LCBO and/or retailer list prices. No alcohol returns.

  • Coordination of a No-Sale Special Occasion Permit from the AGCO.

  • Service for the purchase, delivery, storage, and cooling of all LCBO listed beverages.

  • Unlimited standard bar rail mixes, soft drinks, juices, cordials, condiments & garnishes.

  • Freshly brewed organic, fair-trade coffee and tea.

  • SmartServe certified and uniformed bar/service staff (up to 6 hours) for the duration of your event.

  • All required titanium crystal barware, stemware, and service equipment.

  • On-site ice maker & storage.

Non-Alcoholic Bar

$29 Per Guest

NOTE: Cost of specialty non-alcoholic beverages are not included in this service and will be invoiced separately at list prices.

  • For Soirée Celebration of Life events where no alcohol is served.

  • Unlimited standard soft drinks, juices, cordials, condiments & garnishes.

  • Freshly brewed organic, fair-trade coffee and tea.

  • Uniformed bar and service staff (up to 6 hours) for the duration of your event.

  • All required titanium crystal barware, stemware, and service equipment.

  • On-site ice maker & storage.

Espresso & Specialty Tea Service

$495 Two (2) Hours

$695 Four (4) Hours

  • Fully staffed & equipped barista service.

  • Specialty teas, espresso, cappuccino, & lattes.

Contact Us

  • Aquatopia Conservatory is avenue where you and your guests can escape to a warm indoor tropical paradise anytime of year, immersed in a living, breathing ecosystem filled with lush greenery and water gardens.

    With such a positive sense of place, Aquatopia is the ideal space to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one.

    Our facility affords friends and family of the deceased a place of natural serenity, where they can connect with one another, and venerate the joy and happiness of their loved one’s legacy.

  • While celebrations of life are not burdened with expectations, it is important to realize that the event you are planning should meet the emotional needs of your guests.


    With so many decisions to make upon the passing of a loved one, it can become overwhelming for survivors of the deceased to even think about planning a social gathering.


    Aquatopia’s professional events team appreciate this reality, and can assist you in creating a beautiful, meaningful celebration of your loved one’s life story, and free you from the trammels of playing host.


    Our talented event coordinators, floral & décor artists, A/V technicians, and chefs are experts in social kinetics. They are always passionate about their craft and work incomplete service to the meaningfulness and success of every event they produce.

  • Monday to Thursday - $2,495

    Fridays & Sundays - $3,495

    Saturdays & Holidays - $4,495

    All facility fees are subject to 13% HST.

  • All silverware, classic white porcelain china, titanium crystal barware & stemware, and cruet wares are included.


    If minimum guest counts are not met, a surcharge of $25.00 per guest not present applies.


    All food and beverage services are subject to a 15% service charge and 13% HST.

We are pleased to offer the following services when you book Aquatopia Conservatory for a celebration of life.

Our facility fee includes: 

  • Up to six (6) hours exclusive use of the Aquatopia Conservatory Atrium & Greenhouse for your event for groups up to 150 guests.

  • A personal event coordinator to assist you with all planning aspects of your event held at our facilities, including memorial ceremony and reception.

  • Services of our event design team to help you create & stylize all your floral & decor elements and create the perfect commemoration of your loved one.

  • Up to 150 vintage lime washed Chiavari chairs & cushions.

  • Up to eighteen (18) square 5’ x 5’ dining tables w/ classic floor-length linens & napkins.

  • A selection of contemporary lounge sofas, chairs, ottomans, and side tables.

  • Up to ten (10) round high & low top cocktail tables with floor length linens.

  • A variety of steampunk weathered pine & wrought iron tables & gunmetal Tabouret chairs.

  • Private access to our gallery lounge for the immediate family.

  • On-site management staff for the duration of the event.

  • Labour for event set-up & clean-up.

  • Complimentary coat check service.

  • Ample free parking.

  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi internet access.

There are three (3) Different Celebration of Life packages available to suit your needs:

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