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Explore how our team can create and integrate biophilic designs into your indoor space.


A professional contractor with an intuition for the social kinetics of a design is critical to managing intended outcomes of any indoor planting project.


Understand how ongoing expert plant care & advice determines the success of any biophilic installation.

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The best architects and designers understand that they cannot be experts in all areas. They rely on the knowledge and experience of manufacturers and tradespeople to assist them with providing the best technical and aesthetic options for their clients and help manage the entire process from conception to completion.


Simply contact Aquatopia and learn how our horticultural experts can create and integrate biophilic designs into any indoor space.  Our team will then arrange a time for a site visit, so we can photograph your workspace, measure light levels, evaluate office décor design, review existing plans, and discuss budgets. Aquatopia will prepare a full proposal with all plant & container options, imagery, pricing, and ongoing maintenance recommendations for your review. Once a decision to proceed is made, most installations can be completed within 30 days.


A professional contractor with an intuition for the social kinetics of a design is critical to managing intended outcomes of any interiorscape project. With over 25 years of experience in the horticultural construction trades, Aquatopia regularly collaborates with architects, designers, construction, and facilities professionals on a variety of indoor landscape projects including: living walls, atriums, moss walls, holiday displays, horticultural exhibits, and interior plantscape installations.


Our team of professionals have the breadth of experience that allows Aquatopia to look at each project through a holistic lens, ensuring your project is brought to fruition on budget, using only the best available technologies and methods. All of our proposals provide you with clear, transparent unit pricing for all materials, equipment, and labour eliminating scope of work ambiguity and ‘unforeseeable’ cost over runs.


Developers, building managers, contractors, architects, and designers are encouraged to include Aquatopia in the circulation of any request for proposal or tender to ensure you are considering the very best people to successfully bring your project to life.


Plant Maintenance

Ongoing expert plant care & advice determines the success of any biophilic installation.

Plants, especially in office spaces, become like reliable friends that your employees can count on no matter what kind of workplace challenges they face. As such, setting up a proper interiorscape maintenance program is essential to keeping your team and your precious plants happy.


Aquatopia’s technicians are experts in all best practices associated with the landscape industry including watering, cleaning, fertilization, and pest & disease control, allowing you to enjoy your interiorscape worry-free.


The following list of services for your plant collection can be provided on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, keeping your plant collection looking it’s very best all year round:

  • Watering. Inspect soil moisture levels and replenish as necessary to meet requirements of plants.

  • Pest and Disease Control. Inspect for soil and foliar insect pests, diseases, and other such infestations. Take action and treat before there is any sign of damage and to prevent outbreaks as required.

  • Pruning. Prune each species in accordance with the particular variety’s needs.

  • Fertilization. Regularly inspect the various species and, at the proper time, apply the type and amount of fertilization required to promote lush, green foliage, and flowering when in season.

  • pH levels. A least once per year, test soil pH levels and make necessary adjustments to bring levels within an acceptable range for each potted plant.

  • Rotation of Plants. Rotate plants as necessary, relative to any predominant light source, in order to maintain attractive shape, so that plants retain an upright position without staking.

  • Cleaning. Clean, trim, and keep all foliage free of dust and dirt. Clean decorative containers and remove debris from soil surface as required during each visit.

  • Checking Soil Levels. Maintain proper growing medium nutrient levels and add new soil as necessary.

  • Environmental Knowledge. Monitor light conditions, humidity, and temperature.

  • Preventive Maintenance. Perform preventative maintenance to avoid potential problem areas.

Plant Relocation

Moving a home or office is a stressful endeavour no matter how well it is planned. Unlike furnishings, a much higher level of care & planning must be taken when moving live plants.  Many species are sensitive and must be protected against extreme temperatures, environmental changes, and rough handling that can cause permanent damage. Whether upsizing or downsizing, Aquatopia can ease your pain by gently moving your existing plants and providing an entirely new green plan conducive to your new space.


Relocating comes with the challenge of trying to fit existing plants and containers into a new space. Size, light levels, container styles, and aesthetics are unique to every environment and require careful consideration. Our horticultural team will gently pack and protect your precious plants, then load them into our insulated, climate-controlled transport truck. Once delivered to your new location, our technicians will unpack, set out, and care for your collection while your plants acclimate to their new home.  We will work with you to redesign your biophilic workspace plan by updating your existing plants with new containers, or creating a fresh, new look that better reflects the architecture and style of your new space.

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